Stonework Repairs & Restoration

The professional stonemasons at Gori Marble & Granite have been providing stone refurbishment services for more than 54 years. We’re passionate about ensuring your loved ones are honoured for as long as possible We use both modern and traditional techniques to create beautiful restorations and repairs to headstones and monuments that have been damaged or have severely weathered.

Gori Marble & Granite also specialises in on-site cleaning and repair of marble, granite, bronze & concrete, re-gild and paint inscriptions and more. We provide before-and-after photos on cleaning and refurbishment projects. We also carryout repairs for marble and granite benchtops and stoneworks on superyachts whilst they are visiting in the Port of Cairns.

We provide cleaning and refurbishment services for:

Hammer icon Monuments, Headstones & plaques in granite, marble & concrete
Hammer icon Bronze plaques
Hammer icon Inscriptions
Hammer icon Statues
Hammer icon Memorials & Historic monuments
Hammer icon Superyacht repairs and refurbishments