Beautiful Memorial Stonework

If you’re looking to pay tribute to a loved one with a granite and marble monument, Gori Marble & Granite has the experience and expertise to ensure your needs are met.

Gori Marble & Granite has been manufacturing customised headstones in, and around, Cairns for more than 37 years. Our team is caring and respectful and we are dedicated to providing every client with a pleasant and high-quality experience.

Distinctive Memorial Products

Gori Marble & Granite designs and manufactures a complete line of customised memorial products.
Both granite and marble are very beautiful materials to use to create a memorial monument for your loved one.

Granite is more durable than marble and is able to withstand severe weather.
Marble is also a sturdy and durable natural material but is more likely to break down over time, especially if located outdoors in the elements.


An inscription is writing carved into something made of stone or metal.

Creating an inscription is an art and specialized skill involved in making it perfect. It is important that the layout is set out and spaced to suit each individual headstone or plaques. Inscriptions are permanent and there is little room for error.

Monumental inscriptions are special because they memorialize a loved one. Experience is required in assisting you with a personalised inscription and layout for your loved one. There is an emotional factor that goes into the inscription under difficult circumstances. Gori Marble & Granite are experienced in making this easier and will ensure that the work carried out is a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

Monumental inscriptions come in a various fonts & colours. These can be complimented with specific motifs, scrolls, photos and vases.
Gori Marble & Granite can assist with all of your memorial stonework needs.