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Kitchens often serve as family hubs and are usually the highest-traffic area in a modern home. You want your kitchen to be both aesthetically attractive and functional. Gori Marble & Granite offer elegance combined with exceptional durability. Our benchtops make perfect additions to your kitchen and bathroom areas.

Our professional Stonemasons are experts when it comes to planning, designing and manufacturing marble and granite benchtops that are customised to each client’s precise specifications. We have modern milling machinery and use the most recent software to deliver exceptional results, every time.

Our team of professionals is happy to meet with you and review your ideas and inspiration and can offer you various customisation options. We will send you digital representations of the design options and then you can choose the one that suits you best.

Not only do we manufacture natural stone benchtops, we also carryout repairs for marble and granite benchtops and stoneworks on superyachts whilst they are visiting in the Port of Cairns.

Marble vs Granite

The choice between marble and granite is a personal one. In general, marble is better suited for structures that are intended to stand out on their own without any detailed carving or other accents. Granite on the other hand, is generally a better choice for structures that feature a lot of details.

Most of our customers choose marble benchtops because they are very difficult to scratch, stain or otherwise alter. However, both granite and marble benchtops make beautiful and long-lasting additions to kitchen and bathrooms.
Black kitchen benchtop — Gori Marble & Granite in Earlville, QLD

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Gori Marble & Granite offers a wide selection of colours and styles of kitchen and bathroom benchtops in Cairns, Tablelands and surrounding areas. Our custom-made kitchen and bathroom benchtops are very difficult to stain, scratch or damage. They are durable and add elegance and class to any kitchen.




Hard natural stone possesses the ideal characteristics for bathroom benchtops. The experienced stonemasons at Gori Marble & Granite are masters of planning, designing, manufacturing and installing bathroom benchtops. Our designs and installations can transform any room with elegance and sophistication.