Signs & Memorials


Custom Stone Designs

The experienced Stonemasons at Gori Marble & Granite plan, design and manufacture customised signs and memorials of all types, colours, shapes and sizes.

We provide high-quality, professionally-crafted signs and memorials, custom-designed providing a timeless sense of style to any location or memorial.

Whether you need a sign to attract customers from outside your business, or are sourcing a granite memorial to honour fallen veterans, we can customise a solution for you.

Allow our experienced professionals to help bring your vision to life. We are also able to duplicate any memorial and also specialise in the refurbishment of signs and memorials that have been damaged.

We create affordable, beautiful and highly-durable granite and marble for use in:
Hammer icon Historic monuments
Hammer icon Government buildings
Hammer icon Churches
Hammer icon Hospitals
Hammer icon Businesses
Hammer icon Cemeteries
Hammer icon Mausoleums
Hammer icon Pet cemeteries
Hammer icon Public parks
Tobacco Plant Plaque — Plaques in Earlville, QLD